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It Tastes Like Home (Bread and Roses Theatre)

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I absolutely wish It Tastes Like Home was picked up by the likes of the Young Vic, Lyric, Bush, Southwark Playhouse, or Ovalhouse etc... a big space + the bells + whistles a big theatre can give would honesty make that show a huge sell-out. it was charming + fun + had heart

Bridget Minamore (writer for The Guardian UK)

As a metaphor for the cultural melting pot of the 21st century, 'It Tastes Like Home' shows that variety is indeed the spice of life..... While the show is a romantic comedy with plenty of humour, it doesn't shy away from the negative experiences that 'people of colour' face in every day life..

4 Star Rating

Michael Davis
Breaking the Fourth Wall


Mulan (JohnCameronMusic, Theater Am Marientor, Germany) 2019


Hi Jarrod,

Just finished mixing and editing what we did yesterday and just wanted to thank you for a great job - great atmosphere, excellent interpretation.
Looking forward to Sunday/Monday.
Best wishes

John Cameron, Mulan 2019
(Award Winning British Composer)


Ocean Legend, Circus Freak Show, Glow Party
(SeaCruise UK, Piano Land Cruise Ship, Touring Asia)

2019 - 2020


"Thank you for your amazing work, your voice is outstanding,
we are very grateful to have you on our team"

Lee Ming (CEO of Astro Ocean/Piano Land)


"It was a pleasure working with you Jarrod, and I am particularly sad I did not get the chance to say goodbye to you and...

Please keep in contact with us and if you want to return in the future please do not hesitate to contact us because we would happily take you back in our casts"

Belinda Karavos (Company Director of SeaCruise UK)

"Jarrod has an amazing voice, it is so strong and powerful and moving,
where can we hear more of him and find him online?"

"I love hearing Jarrod sing, he can act and dance so well too, we have been to every show especially to watch him perform"

"Jarrod is my favourite singer and I am a big fan of him, he always catches my eye whenever he is on stage"

Written Feedback from Audience on Piano Land


The Han Chronicles (TVNZ)


“This video is WONDERFUL. It’s perfection.”

- Benjamin Law (The Family Law)

“We laughed and cried and goddam it's good.”

- Flat 3 productions (Flat 3, Friday Night Bites)

"This is one of the best comedies I've seen in a while, funny and heart-warming at the same time"
- TVNZ Commentator


Tommy the Musical (Stage 2 Productions)

The singers with consistent voices are ... and the delightful Pimp/Hawker, Jarrod Lee.

Lee's performance really stands out. Physically, he is not a tall guy, but when he sings he radiates this amazing charisma which makes him tower above everyone else. I would pay to go and see him sing old tunes, especially if he keeps the fur coat on. 

Theatre Review Candice Lewis