Vocal Coaching

Do you have a Passion for singing?

Do you have the Desire to improve on your singing skills and gain more Freedom in your self-expression?

Ever dream of performing on stage professionally - with Confidence and ease and Wowing the crowd?

Or simply to have Fun and impress your friends at karaoke?

Hello, my name is Jarrod,
and I help tomorrow's Star Performers Discover
their Authentic Singing Voices, today.

Retro Singer

As your vocal coach, we will look:

technically and scientifically

at the foundations of good singing and put this into practice.

Just like building a skyscraper, we need a very solid foundation to ensure that your voice will stay safe and functional for the long-haul. 

By building into your voice
solid technique
(good posture, breath control and more) we will safely and efficiently
increase your vocal range,
improve your vocal quality and give you the
to express yourself in ways you couldn't before.


Like a piece of art work -
developing your voice technically will give you a bigger tool box to create more sublime art -
with paintbrushes, pencils, watercolors and crayons, you will have more
choice as a singer, to sing in a
wider variety of styles

Pop, Classical, Musical Theatre, Rock and more.

Even more importantly - as
your coach
, we go beyond teaching you vocal technique - but to uncover your
unique voice.

To actively encourage your authentic self to come into play, to have fun and explore -
more of yourself in the process whilst learning how to sing.

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To give you a bit of my personal singing background...

I was not born a naturally talented singer

But had to work hard, learn, practice and believe - to get to where I am today - having a professional singing/performing career.

And this is a good thing for you.

As I can help you do the


at an accelerated rate.

Having been through a huge number of mistakes, trials and errors to get to where I am today.
I can show you how to avoid and overcome the common pitfalls that singers fall into. 
So you can sing better and free-er and have
more fun in the process! 


When I first started to sing in School for the school musical "Les Miserables" I was

had no sense of rhythm,
was overly breathy,
and had no clue of the technical aspects of singing.

In fact, I was told by some that I really should

never sing again

that singing wasn't for me, that I had no talent for it.

Disregarding their opinions, I hired a vocal coach at school to show me the ropes, and with her guidance and my diligent practice - I won 1st Place in Vocals for an Annual Music Competition, beating some of the top seasoned performers.

I later continued on to perform in
over 50 musicals, plays and shows in lead and supporting roles.


Empty Theater

More recently:

being offered places in
3 of the Top Drama/Music Conservatoires worldwide

officially graduating from the
Royal Academy of Music
with Distinction in Masters in Musical Theatre

making vocal recordings with *John Cameron*
playing the male lead in his new composition of Mulan,

*the Award-Winning British Composer who orchestrated Les Miserables with Grammy Awards and Oscar nominations under his name*

being offered representation by over 10 of the top boutique and medium-sized London agencies

landing lead roles in Musicals and Films in 
Central London, Germany, New Zealand and..

touring internationally in Asia 
as lead vocalist with one of UK's top cruise companies.


Image by Kane Reinholdtsen

I currently help

beginner and intermediate

singers (who are taking up singing as a hobby, and having a lot of fun discovering themselves!)

 free their individual voices

as well as more advanced singers
who are making the transition into

the professional world of singing

to get paid singing work.

With a keen eye for understanding different students' requirements, the approach is tailored to each particular student's needs.

Lessons are 

fun and rewarding whilst delivering
massive results for the students.


Whether it is.. 


improving the range of your voice,

building a richer fuller tone that is pleasant to listen to,

singing more in tune, 

 to your speaking and singing voice,

the audience:

I am here to help.


Leave me a message with details of your

singing experience,
and what you are wanting to get out of coaching with me,

and we will have a
friendly chat to see if we are the right fit.

And remember,

the journey of a thousand miles
begins with a single small step.

Take that step and send your message below:


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Congratulations on making that first step! I will be in contact shortly.

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